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22 3247d 10h scott / Missing image resources for pin ball demo
21 3247d 10h scott / Added NLog.dll and Rhino.Mocks.dll
20 3247d 10h scott / Removed NLog source
19 3247d 10h scott / Build 2010.11.29
- Replaced NLog source code with binary only
- Now only requires a dependency on the .NET 4 Client Profile, rather than the full framework
- Upgraded to the latest AvalonDock
- Added SoapBox.Core.ExtensionPoints.Host.Theme extension point for importing an optional ResourceDictionary
- Added Icon property to ILayoutItem
- Added new SoapBox.Core.Services.Host.ArgumentsService service (import of type IArgumentsService) that allows you access to application arguments
- Moved AppEnvironment and UIHelper from SoapBox.Core.Contracts to SoapBox.Utilities
- Changed license of SoapBox.Utilities from LGPLv3 to MIT
- Added ReflectionHelper class to SoapBox.Utilities for reading and writing private fields and properties (useful for testing)
- Released all unit tests for SoapBox.Core.Contracts (see SoapBox.Core.Contracts.Test)
18 3326d 14h scott / Version 2010.09.11 includes:

- Should now be able to build to an x86 target
- Improved ability to plug in a custom OptionsDialog and OptionsDialogView
- New and improved OptionsDialogView.xaml complements of BSalita
- LayoutManager now auto-sets the given document as Active when calling ShowDocument (and ILayoutManager now has IsActive function)
- Window menu now auto-populates with the open documents, and the active one is checked
- Added the CloseAllDocuments menu item to the Window menu
- Added the VMProperty.snippet (vmprop) for making ViewModel properties that implement INotifyPropertyChanged
- IMenuItem now has the IsSubmenuOpen property that is bound from the main menu - great for setting a custom submenu when opening
- Added ConcreteMenuItemSeparator - just a quick way to build a menu separator
- Added the SortAndJoin function to IExtensionService (hint: use a new ConcreteMenuItemSeparator as the joining item)
- SoapBox.Utilities now has the IFactory<T> generic interface. Useful for many scenarios, particularly importing an IFactory<Window>.
- Big improvements for creating Context Menus (see examples on website)
- New TreeView ViewModel and View (see examples on website)
17 3416d 22h scott / Build 2010.06.13
16 3436d 22h scott /
15 3504d 12h scott /
14 3504d 12h scott /
13 3504d 12h scott /
12 3630d 13h scott / Release version 2009.11.11
11 3630d 13h scott /
10 3637d 03h scott /
9 3637d 10h scott / Release Version 2009.11.04
8 3637d 10h scott /
7 3637d 10h scott /
6 3637d 10h scott /
5 3637d 10h scott /
4 3637d 10h scott /
3 3637d 10h scott /
2 3637d 10h scott /
1 3637d 10h scott /